Chef’s table part of new homelessness initiative

Gourmet restaurant, Chef’s table restaurant has joined in on an initiative to feed the homeless people of Chester.

Chef's table restaurant

This initiative started by the charity SHARE is attempting to gain more support from the people of North Wales and Chester in the fight against homelessness and insecure housing. This scheme is targeting the restaurants in the Chester area to help by giving away a small portion of their food to the homeless.

Chef's at Chester Racecourse and SHARE van

Image taken by SHARE

On a Tuesday and a Thursday, the restaurants will join together in order to feed over 40 homeless people within the city. SHARE’s aim is to be feeding these rough sleepers every day of the week whether they’re on the streets or in the homeless shelters provided.

Who is on board?

Other top rated restaurants such as Sticky Walnut in Hoole have joined in on the initiative. As well as Chester Race Company and their restaurants, which includes all four restaurants used on Chester Racecourse such as The White Horse.

Why now?

This initiative comes as Chester Chronicle reveals homelessness in Chester is at a ‘critical level’. SHARE, who also run a charity store on Northgate Street. Are calling for more action from the city as statistics suggest a huge increase in rough sleeping in the past year.

“numbers of people homeless in Chester are higher now than at any point over the past one and a half years in which we’ve been carrying out outreach services.” they told Chester Chronicle

It has become more apparent when walking down the streets of Chester as to the rise in rough sleepers with many seen going into Storyhouse, Northgate Street to warm up rather than be sat on solid floors on the streets of Chester.

What can you do?

The easiest course of action is to join in on the effort to support these companies and foundations, SHARE charity shop are accepting any unwanted clothing for the charity. You can find the shop on Northgate Street near Storyhouse.

SHARE Charity Shop

Another action that the public can take is pushing other restaurants in the area to get on board with the initiative to help with the rising rough sleeping in Chester.

As well as starting this feeding scheme, SHARE are raising over £35,000 to buy property to house the homeless in Chester. The scheme is called Buy a Brick, Screwfix recently donated 3,000 bricks (AKA £3,000).


Being the second week of the initiative, the restaurants have took to social media to show what they’re cooking as part of these meals.

Coach House, Northgate Street

Sticky Walnut, Hoole

For more information on what SHARE are doing, visit their website, or head to their charity shop on Northgate Street.

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